Telltale Signs of a Poor Offer – Recognizing Patient Signals at Each Sales Funnel Stage

Telltale Signs of a Poor Offer – Recognizing Patient Signals at Each Sales Funnel Stage

Sales Funnel StageTelltale Signs of Low Value for a Medical Spa
Awareness Stage– High bounce rates on the medical spa’s website.
– Low engagement on social media posts and ads.
– Limited inquiries or information requests.
– Few click-throughs on online promotions.
Interest Stage– Low attendance at medical spa events or seminars.
– Minimal sign-ups for email newsletters.
– Few requests for brochures or information packets.
– Inadequate participation in webinars or live chats.
Consideration Stage– High rates of abandoned consultations or inquiries.
– Limited participation in initial consultations.
– Few follow-up appointments scheduled.
– Reluctance to discuss treatment plans or pricing.
Decision Stage– Limited commitment to schedule and pay for treatments.
– High cancellation rates for booked appointments.
– Little interest in package deals or loyalty programs.
– Few referrals or recommendations to the medical spa.
Post-Purchase Stage– High rates of treatment dissatisfaction or complaints.
– Low engagement with aftercare instructions or advice.
– Limited participation in post-treatment surveys.
– Negative online reviews or ratings.

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