You and your team need to work those digital marketing muscles

March 5, 2021 by Michael Diez

Ok, here is an analogy.

Preparing for a sports competition is similar to preparing to beat your competitors online in that in both competitions you need to train.

How do you strengthen your muscles or build endurance? You train by lifting weights or running for distance or time.

The result of training is not scoring more goals, it is to prepare you to score more goals.

In digital marketing, our weights are posts (blog or social media) and our cardio is using software to generate and publish consistently.

Digital marketing is stressful enough, but without training, the most basic tasks can seem overwhelming. You'll burn out before you are able to deliver results. And even if get some results, they'll be inconsistent.

So here is a piece of advice to my fellow small business owners. Train your digital marketing muscles. Figure out your tone, ideal customer, workflow, platforms, how to delegate responsibilities, etc.

If you are just starting with digital marketing, focus on developing a consistent way of delivering value to your audience with content.

What's the payoff? You'll be fit to deliver the results your business needs.

Want to increase qualified leads by 10%? You need to publish 100 informative blog posts in 6 months.

What's that you say? You only got a couple of posts written in the last 3 months? Train, get fit, and try again.