Tips To A Better Computer Experience

June 27, 2015 by Michael Diez

Like bending a paper clip back and forth, your body experiences strains when working with a computer for a long time, resulting in headaches, tired eyes, back pain, lack of mental focus, and overall fatigue.

But these problems can be averted if you use a computer efficiently and take breaks. These tips will help you work more efficiently and increase your productivity

1.Take a 10 minute break when you feel tired.
2.Learn to type – looking up and down several times will make anyone dizzy
3.Learn keyboard shortcuts – “WINDOW + L” takes little time, Start>Arrow>Lock takes longer
4.Buy a chair you feel confortable in
5.Make several music playlists that last your whole work day or listen to the radio
6.Use virtual desktops to get organized
7.Take a day to organize your physical desk
8.Take a day to organize your virtual desktops