SMB SEO Strategy: Should you focus on Quantity or Quality of content?

SMB SEO Strategy: Should you focus on Quantity or Quality of content?

When it comes to SEO, should you focus on quality content or quantity of content?

Take a look at your competition. Can you beat them with quantity or quality?

With high quality content, you can target high traffic and highly competitive keywords. You’ll get a significant amount of traffic from with less quantity.

With lower quality content, you should focus on quantity to get a significant amount of traffic.

In the long term, you should focus on updating the quality of your content instead of generating more content.

You’ll know you are ready to focus on quality when you’ve exhausted all your content pillars and it’s become really hard to generate new content.

I suggest adapting a “Tick-tock” content production model

Not to be confused with TikTok, the short video social platform.

I’m taking inspiration from Intel’s tick-tock model for producing CPUs, but adapted it here for content generation.

This model splits your content generation process into two phases. First focusing on quantity, then focusing on quality.

As an example, in the first year your OKR can be publishing 120 blog posts. Then the second year your OKRs would focus on rewriting low performing articles and getting links to articles.

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