4 WordPress Search Engine Optimizations that Increase Ranking

4 WordPress Search Engine Optimizations that Increase Ranking

How big a bump in ranking should you expect? Well, it depends. First, make sure you are tracking your rankings.

  • Use SERPS, or ProRankTracker, or one of the many rank tracking tools available
  • Run OpenSiteExplorer on those websites ranking above you to find out how strong their backlinks are
  • Finally, test those websites for speed with the tests shown below

Expect to rank higher than websites with poor performance and lower backlinks strength than that of your website. Begin by testing your website with:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Vavry.com
  • GTMetrix.com

1. Image Optimization

  • Install an image compression plugin
  • Setup Polish and Mirage from Cloudflare if your server does not support PageSpeed Module
    • If you do not want to pay for Polish and Mirage, then install an adaptive image plugin

2. On-Page Optimizations

  • Custom Themes and Child Themes
    • Make sure static assets like scripts and stylesheets are registered using WordPress’ wp_enque, this way WordPress plugins can manipulate the loading order and position of those assets.
    • Instead of using jQuery.ready for inlining scripts in the footer, place those scripts in another file (i.e. scripts.js) and use the “defer” attribute in the script tag. <script src=”<?=get_template_direcory();?>/js/scripts.js” >
  • Install Above The Fold WordPress plugin
    • Generate Critical Path CSS
    • Optimize Delivery of CSS and Fonts
    • Optimize Javascript to load asynchronously

3. CDN Optimization

4. Server Optimization

  • Use the latest version of PHP compatible with your Theme and Plugins. PHP 7 is way faster than PHP 5.
  • Setup PageSpeed Module, otherwise look for a CDN with the ability to compress and optimize images.

That should cover the search engine optimization for most small business websites. Re-test your website’s performance to see how much it improved.

About the author

Michael Diez is the passionate owner and operator of M10DIGITAL, a digital marketing agency based in vibrant Miami, Florida.

With a deep-rooted commitment to problem-solving, Michael thrives on helping small businesses add significant value to their ventures by enhancing their brand, differentiating their product, and effectively communicating their unique value to their customers.