New Apple devices in sight!

The latest Apple event took place yesterday and they introduced their 4 new devices and an new version of iOS; the iPhone 6S available in the same two sizes – 4.7″ and 5.5″ – and in new color – rose gold -, they also introduced the new iPad Pro, several new Apple Watch models and the all new Apple TV. All of this and a new iOS version – iOS 9 – with a refined interface that is easy to use, you already know how to. So exciting! We’d like to walk you through this that way if you want to upgrade your device or your software you’ll know what to face.

One of the new features is something called 3D Touch, which is the way your new iPhone will have to sense the exact amount of pressure you apply to the screen, it knows if you just want to take a “peek” or to completely “pop” the content you’re currently seeing without having to actually open it. Peek and Pop allows you to do so much more, for example, get a glimpse to that website you’ve been dying to visit before you actually see it, give a peek to your emails and text messages before opening them, view the picture you just took fully on your screen without leaving the camera app, preview a location by pressing on an address an the list of things you’ll be able to do goes on. So now, your phone will not only be able to recognize familiar gestures but force as well. This works in the Home Screen and on side apps as well allowing you to perform quick actions just by creating a shortcut for the actions you use more often. Something as simple as creating new contact, make a call, send a new text message, take a new selfie to rock the social media world. Very simple to use, you’ll get it right away, no learning curve needed.

Another feature is the improvement made on both cameras, making the rear iSight camera not only capture HD videos but also capture 4K videos – up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video – fully equipped with 12MP, it takes extremely detailed photos allowing you to create stunning memories. On the front side, they made a new 5MP FaceTime HD front camera so you can take your selfies to the next level. They’ve also introduced Live Photos, to not only create still memories but living ones by adding motion and sound to your pictures.

They also promise to deliver this new version with their latest 64 bit chip A9 which is capable of gaming console so don’t forget to try your favorite game on your new phone to check out those killer graphics.

Let us know your thoughts and remember…we’re to help you with everything you may need. Have a great rest of the day!

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