SSD Upgrade Service

Make your computer up to 10 times faster by upgrading your hard drive to a solid state hard drive

If Windows takes longer than 30 seconds to load, then most likely your computer is using a mechanical hard drive which is significantly slower than an solid state drive (SSD). Upgrading to SSD will result in a dramatic gain in performance.

What is a solid state drive?

Unlike a merchanical drive which uses spinning disks to store data, a solid state uses computer chips.

It is the same technology used in thumb drives.

Why aren’t solid states more readily used?

The main reason SSDs were not readily used is because they were many times more expensive than mechanical drives. But, as of 2018, SSDs have become only slightly more expensive than mechanical drives.

The market will catch on, however, new computers are still being sold with mechanical hard drives, and that means you are missing out on the benefits of SSDs.

What are the benefits of SSDs over Mechanical drives?

  • Significantly faster
  • Consume less power
  • Unaffected by falling or bumping
  • Unaffected by magnets

Can you do the upgrade yourself?

Upgrading involves opening the computer and replacing the old hard drive. Then using software to move the data from the old drive to the new one.

The process takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the amount of data being transferred.


You might run into the following problems that will cause the process to take significanly longer.

  • The old drive might be going bad
  • The software to move data may detect errors in the file system which it will correct, but may take a few extra hours to do so

Pro Tip!

Having a recent system backup (that’s a backup of the operating system, programs, and data) and using the backup to restore your system to the new hard drive can speed up the process.

We recommend using Acronis or EaseUs to backup your system, as this software allows you to restore to a new hard drive even if the new hard drive is of a different size than the old one.

Last Check

After you get your computer to boot from the new drive, there is one more thing you need to check.

You may need to reactivate software that requires a license. This is the way they protect themselves agains piracy. Quickbooks is one of them. After moving your system to the new SSD, Quickbooks will invalidate the license and have you reactivate it.

Need Help?

If you plan on doing the upgrade yourself and you have quick questions, I am available via chat.

If you run into that Quickbooks license issue, I can help you remotelly, Free of charge, it’s a pretty quick fix. Setup a remote session via chat.

If you are located in Miami, Florida, check out our SSD Upgrade Service or schedule a visit.