Custom HTML/CMS, 2010

Website Design and Development

I was provided with an HTML/CSS version of the website designed using table tags for layout. I took it and redesigned it using Zurb Foundation.

Search Engine Optimization

The website ranks #1 for local keywords like "fort lauderdale limo service" and I had to make sure that redesigning the website would not cause a drop in ranking.

I used 301 redirects in apache .htaccess to redirect all the pages.

All the URLs ended in [filename].html, I replaced all the pages to kebab naming convention, removed the extension (.html) from the end, and added a trailing backslash. i verified all URLs redirected properly and made sure there were no 404 errors in Webmaster Tools.

Social Media Marketing

The strategy was simply so post daily and the owner would boost each post. I created content promoting concerts, local events, sporting events, and seasonal events (i.e. Prom and Homecoming)