Law Firm Websites – Design and Development


We do the basic stuff, newsletters, SEO, Social, etc. And we also help your firm experiment with new marketing directions. We design and develop the necessary material for your firm to acquire prospects.


As a business person, you have played the role of the designer. You have designed a business plan. Part of the business plan involves informing people about your business, and you decide that a website is a great way to inform people and convert them into customers. Thats when we come in.

In designing your business you have an advantage, you know your business. But unless you are a website designer, then designing a website is best left to professionals. We can help you website perform as designed, we are not just talking pretty graphics and good code, we are primarily talking converting visitors into customers, leads, readers, clients, etc.

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    Bring the right kind of clients for you.

    Do you want your website to pre-screen clients for you or generate calls as quickly as possible

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    Educate your clients so they do not waste yours and their time.

    This is done via blog posts, social posts, and newsletters

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    Inform your clients so they are aware you can help them when they need help

    This is done via blog posts, social posts, and newsletters.


Start by filling out a Website Design Quote Request. Then an InfoTech will contact you to briefly discuss your project and provide you with an estimated cost.

If you prefer to schedule a meeting, you may schedule a phone conference, video conference, or a visit to our office in Miami, FL.

The first meeting serves to gather the project requirements in order for us to provide you with an estimated cost and timeframe. If your website is a standard website, we may be able to provide you with an estimate at the end of the meeting.

The design process involves defining requirements, so don’t worry if you do not have a complete picture of what the website will be like, as mentioned earlier, we are here to help you design your website, and we will help you complete this picture.