Hardware Installation


Advance Keyboard Install and Setup:

Some keyboard come with advanced configuration options, like macros and custom keys. Macros are sequences of keystrokes that can be played back with the press of a single key. Macros are meant to make repetitive keystrokes easier and increase productivity. We can help you install and configure macros and custome keys in your keyboard.

Advance Mouse Install and Setup:

Mice also have the ability to store macros and custom keys, but they their speed, sensitivity, and acceleration may also be tuned depending on the task at hand. Profiles may also be setup to quickly switch the speed, sensitivity, and acceleration, depending on the task. We can help you tune your mouse

Video Card Installation:

Aside from accelerating computer graphics, and allowing games to play smoothly, adding a video card to your PC can also allow you to connect multiple screens. Most PC come with the ability to connect only one monitor. Most video cards allow you to connect up to two monitors. If you want more monitors, then one option is to install multiple video cards. We can help you install, upgrade, and setup video cards in your PC.

Memory Installation:

If your computer gets very slow as you open more programs at the same time, you may need more memory.

Multi-Card Reader Installation:

Cameras are among one of many gadgest that use diferent types of storage media. A Multi-Card reader allow a PC to read many types of storage media. Let us install a Multi-Card reader in your PC.