Directory Websites – Design and Development


A web directory is a link archive, where links are organized into categories in order for people to find information, in contrast to search engines where people find websites by keyword.

A directory website is a great way to guide people into finding what they are looking for by allowing people to start in a general category and narrow the results by following subcategories.

A directory website needs to answer two questions: What information are people looking for? How is the information organized. For example, Yellow Pages provides people the phone numbers for businesses organized by categories. Angie’s List provides people with reviews of businesses organized by service categories

A directory website is also a great tool for niche markets where the website can be established as the source of a focused subset of the market. For example a website where instead of looking for lawyers categorized by profession, one may look specifically for patent attorneys categorized by geographical regions.

Because the two questions mentioned above may be answered in a variety of ways, directory websites usually need to be developed from the ground up. You will be working very closely with our desiners and developers to get you started with your very own directory website.

Start by filling out a Website Design Quote Request. Then an InfoTech will contact you to briefly discuss your project and provide you with an estimated cost.

If you prefer to schedule a meeting, you may schedule a phone conference, video conference, or a visit to our office in Miami, FL.

The first meeting serves to gather the project requirements in order for us to provide you with an estimated cost and timeframe. If your website is a standard website, we may be able to provide you with an estimate at the end of the meeting.

The design process involves defining requirements, so don’t worry if you do not have a complete picture of what the website will be like, as mentioned earlier, we are here to help you design your website, and we will help you complete this picture.