SSD Upgrade Miami, FL

Make your computer up to 10 times faster

If Windows takes longer than 30 seconds to load, then most likely your computer is using a mechanical hard drive which is significantly slower than an solid state drive (SSD). Upgrading to SSD will result in a dramatic gain in performance.


Service Only
  • You provide the SSD
  • Move System
  • Move Data


Service + 500GB
  • 500GB SSD
  • Move System
  • Move Data


Service + 1TB
  • 1TB SSD
  • Move System
  • Move Data

How we do it

This service is performed onsite. The tech may need to take your computer to our shop if there are complications with the upgrade.

Steps: Estimated time 1 – 2 hrs

  1. Select one of the hard drive sizes
  2. Schedule a visit by selecting an installation date that is convenient for you
  3. A tech will contact you to confirm the time
  4. The tech will bring the selected hard drive size
  5. The tech will check the health of you old hard drive
  6. The tech will replace the old drive and transfer the data to the new hard drive


The most common complications that arise when upgrading a mechanical drive to SSD are:

  • The old drive is failing
  • The file system is corrupted

In case the old drive is failing, the tech will attempt to clone the data. If the cloning process fails, then the tech will suggest installing Windows in the new drive and attempting to retrieve photos and documents from the old drive. We can help you reinstall programs at $80/hr.

In case the file system is corrupted, the tech will ask you permission to take the computer to the shop. We do this because fixing the file system may take several hours, but it is a process that can be left unattended while the tech takes care of other clients. You can pick up the computer at the shop, or have the technician return it for an extra $80.