Laptop Memory Upgrade

If you have many programs open simultaneously, your system will need sufficient memory to run efficiently. If there is not enough memory, then your system will run slowly.

A simple way to know if you need more memory is to look in the task manager under the performance tab and see how much memory your system us using. If the system is using 50% of the memory and you only have half of the programs you normally use open, then you need more memory.

Simply provide us the laptop model via email, chat, or phone call. A technician will check our inventory and get back to you with the cost of the memory modules for your laptop. Memory upgrade labor is $60 onsite.

Another reason why you may need memory is if your memory is faulty. Blue screens and freezes are symptoms that the memory may be failing.

Some laptop repairs may be covered by the manufacturer warranty. Your laptop repair may be covered if damage has occurred due to manufacture defects. Our technicians always check the manufacturer recalls list to see if your laptop repair may be covered by the manufacturer.


Many people confuse memory with hard drive. That’s because they are actually two kinds of memory, RAM and Hard Drive, but when some techs say “memory” they are referring to RAM. The memory in a computer system is a place where the programs are stored when they are executed waiting for the CPU to run the program. In contrast, the hard drive is a place where programs and data is stored waiting to be loaded into RAM memory. When you open a program, the program gets loaded from the hard drive to the memory, then the CPU executes the program.

Memory is much faster than the hard drive, but hard drive memory is much cheaper than RAM.