Include in this package are dust removal, optimization, and general checkup of the hard drive, memory, and CPU.

We recommend that the laptop maintenance be performed every 3 months. This prevents dust building up to the point that the laptop must be disassembled. A general checkup will also allows to identify potential problems and allows to act before the problems aggravate.

The most common hardware problems on a laptop are dust buildup – which can lead to overheating of the chipset and CPU, and hard drive failure.

Some laptop repairs may be covered by the manufacturer warranty. Your laptop repair may be covered if damage has occurred due to manufacture defects. Our technicians always check the manufacturer recalls list to see if your laptop repair may be covered by the manufacturer.


Laptop hard drives are prone to crashing since vibrations and tilting may cause the reading arm to “crash’ with the spinning disks. One way to avoid this is by turning off or placing the laptop in sleep mode when you need to change position. Another way is to upgrade to a solid state hard drive. These hard drives do not have spinning disks inside or reading arms and therefore cannot experience crashing. Their prices have gone down significantly lately and may be worth the upgrade. When upgrading or replacing your hard drive, our technicians will inform you of the option to upgrade to a solid state hard drive.