Laptop Keyboard Repair

Simply provide us the laptop model via email, chat, or phone call. A technician will check our inventory and get back to you with the cost of the keyboard. Keyboard replacement labor is $60 onsite.

We can repair your laptop keyboard if damage is due to water damage, liquid spillage, over heating, and factory defects.

If you are just missing a key. Bring it to our shop, we may be able to fix it for FREE.

Some laptop keyboard repairs may be covered by the manufacturer warranty. Your laptop keyboard repair may be covered if damage has occurred due to manufacture defects. Our technicians always check the manufacturer recalls list to see if your laptop repair keyboard may be covered by the manufacturer.

Brands Carried

Our inventory includes keyboard for popular models of many of the top brands. If we do not have your keyboard in stock, our technicians will research the local stock to see if we can find it locally. If we cannot find the keyboard locally, then we would order the keyboard online and you will be notified as soon as the keyboard arrives (usually withing 7 business days) and the technician will schedule an appointment for installation.