Laptop Repair Services


Computer Doctors provide commercial and residential laptop repair services to the Miami Metro Area. Computer Doctors use their communication, technical, and troubleshooting skills to design, implement, and administer IT solutions for businesses and households.

Computer Doctors are computer technicians who enjoy educating the public about computers by teaching what they learn as computer technicians.

Why us?

When we are working, we work with computers. When we are not working, we play with computers.

Laptop repair services we offer in the Miami Metro Area
Keyboard Repair

Spilled something on your keyboard? Need a keyboard replacement? We can quickly replace your laptop keyboard.

Keyboard Repair

The most common reason why a laptop motherboard needs replacement is because of overheating.

Power Port Repair

Is your laptop not charging? You have to wiggle the charger cable to get the laptop to charge?

Laptop Upgrades

Made to be mobile, laptops face serious risk of hard drive failure when sudden tilting is done while they are powered on.

Laptop Maintenance

Keep your laptop running optimaly with this laptop maintenance bundle.

Memory Upgrade

If you have many programs open simultaneously, your system will need sufficient memory to run efficiently.