Recover Data from Apple Computer when Receiving Prohibitory Sign (2015)

Recover Data from Apple Computer when Receiving Prohibitory Sign (2015)

What you will need?

2.Ubuntu Live CD

If the file system is HFS+ Journaled, then Ubuntu will only have read permissions. Even if you try to copy a file to a diferent hard drive, Ubuntu will promt “Unable to handle file.”

Follow these steps to recover data from a corrupted HFS+ (Journaled) partition and move the data to another hard drive.

1.Connect computer to internet via ethernet
2.Turn computer on and press C (Keyboard command to boot from CDROM)
3.Insert Ubuntu Live CD while pressing C
4.Click on Try Ubuntu
5.Open “Ubuntu Software Center,” then from the Edit menu select “Software Sources” and check “Community-maintained Open Source (universe)”
6.Open Applications > Terminal
7.Run the following commands
8.sudo apt-get update
9.sudo apt-get install hfsplus hfsprogs hfsutils
10.sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force /dev/sda2 /mnt (i.e. assuming your OS X partition is /dev/sda2)
11.gksudo nautilus
12.The hard drive data is located File System/mnt
13.Select the folders you need to transfer
14.File > Properties > Permissions, change the Owner File Permissions to write/delete
15.Connect an external hard drive and transfer your data

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