Attract Customers/Leads with this Landing Page Content Outline

Attract Customers/Leads with this Landing Page Content Outline

So you just published your website. You put up some ads on Google Adwords and waited for sales to come in.

Only you did more waiting than anything. What’s happening?

You check Adwords and see the clicks piling up, but no customers.

“Maybe Adwords is no good,” you say. “Maybe try Facebook.”

You try Facebook, and it is the same story. Crickets. What’s going on?

Here is what is going on

Today’s buyers are finicky. There is a lot of information out there. There are many choices. Most buyers are just browsing. And these browsing customers are costing you money.

What you need to do

Give them the information they are looking for. Show them how your product/service is superior to those other choices. If you do this, you would have saved those visitors time. If they do not buy right away, they will come back as soon as they get frustrated when other places do not give them the information they are looking for.

Where to start

People are looking for information in search engines, therefore you need to provide search engines with the content people are looking for. In other words, you need to work on SEO Content.

SEO Content Outline

Here is a quick outline to follow when creating content for your website.

  • Perform a Keyword Search
    • Find Niche topics (more about this below)
    • Define Buyer Personas (more about this below)
    • Make a list of keywords that have commercial intent (more about this below)
    • Make a list of keywords that are Product Specific (more about this below)
    • Make a list of keywords that have informational intent (more about this below)
  • Create long landing pages using those keywords
    • Provide information that saves the visitor time and/or money
    • Use short paragraphs
    • Use a few supporting images
    • Write in an entertaining way
    • Tell them what you sell
    • Tell them why they should buy from you and not the others
    • Make the Call-To-Action BIG and clear.

Niche Topics

Niche topics are topics in markets related to what you sell. For example, say you sell soccer balls. Niche markets include the following:

  • Soccer Training Camps
  • How to kick a ball so it curves in the air
  • Soccer fields nearby
  • How soccer is good exercise for kids

Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are the details of your target customers. For example

  • Parents ages 30 to 59
    • Make $50K to 150K
    • Interests
      • Their kid’s health
      • Soccer fan
    • Struggles
      • Keeping kids entertained and healthy
      • Concerned that too much TV and video games are not healthy activities
    • Goals
      • Want kids to stay healthy while being entertained

Keywords with Commercial Intent

These keywords are used by people when they are ready to buy. They include words like “buy,” “coupon,” “discount, “deal”, “fast shipping.” Here are some examples:

  • Buy soccer balls online
  • Nike soccer balls deal

These pages are optimized for sales, they should be your product/service pages. Most likely the pages you already have on your website.

In Google Keyword Planner, look for keywords with a lot of traffic and high competition. They’ll stick out because these keywords are usually significantly more expensive than the rest.

Don’t be turned off by their cost. Look at it this way. These keywords convert really well. 100 visitors for $5 costs $500 and converts 20% is $25/conversion. You should be selling soccer balls worth $50 or more. The point is, do the business math before judging the cost of these keywords.

Keywords Related to Your Product or Service

These keywords are of specific products/services or categories. Here are some examples:

  • Nike soccer balls
  • Wilson soccer balls
  • World Cup 2018 soccer balls
  • Kids soccer balls
  • Youth soccer balls

These pages are also optimized for sales. But these pages are usually category pages with many items. If it’s a service, then this pages usually show several services grouped together.

Got a low marketing budget? Keywords with Informational Intent

Most people are looking for information. You will get a lot of traffic from these keywords, but few conversions. The strategy here is to show them content with the information they are looking for. Answer all their questions. Help them make a decision.

These keywords include words like:

  • Review
  • Best
  • Top 10
  • How to
  • Comparison

In Google Keyword Planner, look for keywords with a lot of traffic. If you have a low marketing budget, focus on promoting this kind of content. The key factor here is to make sure the content is valuable, meaning it saves the visitor time and money.

Content like this gets links and eventually ranks well in search engines, therefore it will only cost you the time to make the pages and a little advertising to get the ball rolling. Once you attain good ranking, you will have organic traffic that you no longer have to promote with advertising.

Then take some of the money and start advertising higher converting content (like product and commercial intent content) to increase revenue faster.

About the author

Michael Diez is the passionate owner and operator of M10DIGITAL, a digital marketing agency based in vibrant Miami, Florida.

With a deep-rooted commitment to problem-solving, Michael thrives on helping small businesses add significant value to their ventures by enhancing their brand, differentiating their product, and effectively communicating their unique value to their customers.